Top 7 Netflix Films That Are Perfect for Any Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs, like everyone else, deserve a night off every once in a while. And what could be more relaxing than a night spent catching up on your Netflix queue? But if you follow the appropriate shows, even a night of vegging out on the couch can spark a eureka moment of insight. Refresh yourself with some downtime and these seven thought-provoking Netflix films.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never took place

The disastrous 2017 attempt to stage a music festival in the Bahamas is the subject of a Netflix documentary of the same name. The event, which was promoted as a glitzy three-day luxury festival, ended up being a nightmare for the thousands of people who spent thousands of dollars to attend. The Fyre Festival movie reveals that the festival’s organizers relied heavily on polished influencer videos to sell 5,000 tickets while having no plan to deliver the promised events.

The film has valuable insights for business owners, especially those who are considering the use of influencer marketing as a strategy for rapid expansion. Hiring A-listers and social media stars to spread the word about your business won’t guarantee success. It’s important to provide customers with what they want, thus it’s important to set realistic expectations.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness is a story about overcoming adversity while being loyal to one’s values, and it’s based on Chris Gardner’s inspiring “rags to riches” biography. Gardner spends over a year on the streets while taking care of his son and interning as a stockbroker without pay. He struggled to make ends meet by selling medical bone-density scanners and even resorted to sleeping in a tube restroom. This movie was out decades ago, yet its message is as timely as ever.

What life lessons can we take away from this film? Every one of us has felt hopeless at some point in our lives, even if most of us will be spared the kind of adversity that Gardner endured. But you have to keep going and keep believing in your dream no matter how bad things get.

Yes, Man!

The principle of Yes Man is straightforward: always take the positive option. That’s because you should take advantage of life in all its crazy, exciting glory. Carl Allen, the protagonist, spends his entire life saying “no” to people. Carl, who is completely mired in a pessimistic outlook, decides to attend a self-help seminar centered on the idea of answering yes to everything.

What follows is the natural consequence of Carl accepting every available chance, which is both crazy and fantastic. Carl has changed for the better, but he has gone too far with the “yes” exercise.

The lesson here is to not waste time and to accept opportunities wherever feasible. The film is humorous, uplifting, and full of lighthearted moments. It serves as a gentle reminder to strike a healthy balance between accepting and rejecting changes.

The Theory of Everything

The late Stephen Hawking was a scientific genius and a major cultural figure. He had a brilliant scientific intellect, to be sure, but he was also a remarkable human being. Hawking was an overcomer who defied the odds by living a full and fruitful life despite being diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). When he was first diagnosed in 1964, doctors gave him two to three years to live. However, the disease moved much slower than anticipated.

However, Hawking spent the majority of his life in a wheelchair, and as his health gradually deteriorated, he was forced to turn to using a voice synthesizer and expressing himself through movements of his eyebrows.

The most important lesson to learn is to always be curious. Nothing could stop Hawking from achieving his dream of making a significant contribution to his life. He often showed that if we dare to dream, believe, and work hard, we can achieve great things in this life. Do not miss this if you are looking for an inspiring tale of determination and hard work.

Steve Jobs

This biopic makes it abundantly evident from away that Steve Jobs wasn’t going to take the conventional route to success. Each of the film’s three acts chronicles the final days leading up to the introduction of a pivotal product.

These segments shed light on Job’s career growth as well as his troubled home life. The talented Jobs often found himself in the company of others who shared his fixations. The movie shows, however, that he wasn’t always great at getting along with others.

Here are a few key lessons I learned from the film: Steve Jobs made up a vision for his lack of technical expertise. He had no background in programming, marketing, or engineering, but without him, Apple wouldn’t have existed.  He was unconcerned with the opinions of others and refused to be constrained by conventional wisdom. He was determined to make computers accessible to everyone at a price they could afford.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

The youngster in this Netflix original built a windmill that supplied the community with water and electricity, preventing starvation.

William Kamkwamba was just a teenager when his family in Malawi couldn’t afford to pay his school tuition, so he had to stop going there. After his community was devastated by drought, deforestation, flooding, and starvation, he set out to find answers. He researched wind turbines by reading materials he checked out of the library at his old school. This is, at its core, a tale of groundbreaking creativity.

What lessons can business owners take away from this incident? Knowledge is power, and need is the primordial force of creation. Every time you take a chance, however, you open yourself up to the even more potential upside. The crucial step is to push beyond any self-doubt that may arise. There are always takeaways from setbacks and better targets to aim for in the future.


This is one of those captivating science fiction psychodramas that will make you question the role of the unconscious in our daily lives. In the film, protagonist Dom Cobb is a professional thief who steals top-secret information from corporations by breaking into their employees’ dreams.

If he employs the technique of “inception” to embed another person’s concept into his target’s subconscious, he will be allowed to have his criminal record expunged. But as Cobb knows all too well, inception attempts are met with resistance from the subconscious, particularly if the concept planted isn’t genuine. The story delves into the concept of “dream-sharing,” which involves having a profound conversation with another person and learning what they truly believe.

If you’re a marketing expert, you can learn a lot from the movie Inception. To gain financial backing, every startup must first convince potential backers that its vision is the right one for them to invest in. A well-crafted, genuine message that strikes a chord with a certain demographic is another cornerstone of effective marketing. When executed well, “inception marketing” influences the target audience subtly, making the message sound as if it came from within their minds.